SSRPM – password and security questions change

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I would like to change my password but I couldn’t remember the answers to the security questions I have provided in SSRPM. Someone told me that these questions can be bypassed by an administrator who can access the "web.config line". Is this true?

Aside from the password, I also need to change the security questions so I can answer them easily if I need to change the password again.

Can you give any suggestion? Thanks!

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SSRPM – password and security questions change



Hi there,

Your are asking how to reset your password or change your security question on SSRPM. Well here are the steps to do it. Click on the SSRPM log in window. There is a button below that say forgot your password. All you have to do is click it and change a new password, this option may available only if you re enroll a year after you enrolled on SSRPM or else the forgot password button will no longer appear. Because this will help you avoid your confidential files for being infiltrated. Well all I can say is to create a new user that you will going to make a backup file hard copy or soft copy that will avoid a forgotten security questions.

Hope this will help you

Matt Tiger.

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