SSL Certificate Error In Windows NT Family Browsers

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There are still a few websites that prefer windows based browsers as they have been configured for the same. When visiting these websites using internet explorer we often get error showing security certificates not validated or similar. These are not always genuine errors and are often generated by client side problems. If so how can it be fixed?

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SSL Certificate Error In Windows NT Family Browsers


We can try to see if it is a client side issue by a bit of tinkering with the registry entries for internet explorer. Please backup the registry beforehand and follow the steps given below

a) From run type regedit and open the registry editor

b) Locate the subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftInternet ExplorerMainFeatureControl for internet explorer.

c) On the edit menu click on new then click on key

d) Type the following and press enter FEATURE_ERROR_PAGE_BYPASS_ZONE_CHECK_FOR_HTTPS_KB954312

e) On the edit menu, go to new and click on DWORD value. Type iexplorer.exe and press enter

f) Click on edit menu and go to modify

g) Type 1 and click on ok

Exit the registry and if it is a client side issue it should be solved

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