OFFICE JET G85 Scanning Error

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I am having some problem with my office jet G85. I am using a Pavilion 1110 with a 2G memory and running in windows xp pro sp3 and all of its functions like print, fax and copy functions are working well except the scan. When I try to scan photos or documents, an error always displays. The error is this: 'Sorry, system is out of memory or resources' Have you ever come across this error? Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thank you!

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OFFICE JET G85 Scanning Error


The error you are receiving occurs when you try to scan something more than your computer can process. Or your computer does not have enough memory to process the scan. Try to free some memory on your computer. Or when you are scanning, close other programs that runs on the background. If you can, try to reinstall your Office Jet G85 driver and then try to scan again. 

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OFFICE JET G85 Scanning Error





This kind of errors may occur regardless of how much RAM (Random Access Memory) is installed in your computer.


Please refer below mentioned methods to resolve your problem

1. Use USB cable instead of parallel cable

If your scanner is connected with parallel cable but is capable of being connected using a USB cable, follow below steps


  • Uninstall the scanning software
  • Disconnect the parallel cable
  • Reinstall the software, selecting USB port
  • Connect the scanner using USB cable
  • Then try scanning again


2. Restart the computer & check whether more resources available or not. Normally more resources will be available after restarting the PC.

And disable unnecessary background task to free up system resources.


3. Empty the Recycle bin


4. Run Disk cleanup




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