SQL server error connecting due to wrong parameters

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I have this error when I want to connect to SQL server and I have checked everything, Internet connection is working just fine, the initialization parameters are OK and I don’t know how to proceed anymore. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ? What could be the problem ?

Thank you !

Error Connecting

An error was encountered performaing the requested operation:

ORA- 00257: archiver error. Connect internal only , until freed.

00257.00000 – “archiver error. Connect internal only , until freed”.

“Cause: The archiver process received an error while trying t archive a redo log. If the problem is nt resolved soon, the database will stop executing transactions. The most likely cause of this message is the destination device is out of space to store the redo log file.

“Action: Check archiver trace file for a detailed description

Of the problem. Also verify that the device specified in the initialization parameter

ARCMIVE_LOC_DEST is set up properly for archiving.

Vendor code 257

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SQL server error connecting due to wrong parameters



This all depends on your version of Oracle.

It depends on the version of the Oracle but in most cases you can go to the command prompt and

type: sqlplus /nolog

Then go to the SQL Prompt and type: conn / as sysdba

Archive log list and make sure you are archiving where you are;

Type in SQL prompt: show parameter arch.

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