Splitting images using the PhotoShop application

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How can I split an image into 16 equal squares using PhotoShop? What's the best way for me to do this? Please advise me of any shortcuts.

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Splitting images using the PhotoShop application



For you to divide an image into multiple equal squares you just need to use the “slice tool” in photoshop.

Open your image, select the “slice tool” then right-click your image. On the pop-up window select “Divide Slice” then type how many slices you want to make (e.g.  Horizontal: 4 & Vertical 4). Afterward you should have the picture divided into 16 equal squares. To split them, select the 1st piece then click “edit” then “copy”. Create a new layer then just paste the copied piece.  Do the same steps to copy the rest of the pieces.

An easier way is to:

1.   Open an image

2.   Select “Slice tool”

3.   Right-click your selected image

4.   Click “Divide Slice”

5.   On the dialog enter 4 in horizontal and vertical

6.   Click OK

7.   Once you see the image divided into 16 or the number you want

8.   Click on “File”

9.   Click “Save for Web”

10.  Select all the slices [Ctrl+A]

11.  Click “Save”

Then just try to open the location where you had saved the divided pictures. Photoshop usually saves them in a folder with a name “images”.

Hope this help you!

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