Speed Up Pc, Reduce Shutdown Delay.

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I have problem with my PC.

Can anyone tell how to speed up my PC and how to reduce shutdown delay?

Thanks in advance.

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Speed Up Pc, Reduce Shutdown Delay.


I have solution for this particular problem. Follow these steps to boost up your computer:-

Step 1:- Run Disk Clean UP for every Local Hard Drive.

Right click on Local Drive > properties > Disk Clean Up > then check all boxes and click "ok".

Right click on Local Drive >> properties >> Disk Clean Up

Step 2:-  Run Disk Defragmentation for every drive to have all files in sequence physically on hard disk.

Right click > Properties > Tools > Defragment Now > then Defragment it.

Right click >> Properties >> Tools >> Defragment Now >>Defragment it.

Trick to Reduce Shutdown Delay:-

Step 1:- Press WIN+R and enter cmd in "regedit" in the box. Then expand "HKEY_CURRENT_USERControl PanelDesktop"

Step 2:- Locate the key named with "WaitToKillAppTimeout" > double click on it and change value 1000 to 05.

Step 3:- Locate the key named with "HungAppTimeout > double click on it and do as above.

registry editor-edit string

Step 4:-  Restart your pc to see effects.

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Speed Up Pc, Reduce Shutdown Delay.



The shutdown and startup (boot) time of your computer is dependent on various factors.

Let’s discuss first the major cause of startup delays the main programs which cause such delays are:

Antivirus programs and the automatic updating. Whenever a system is started, the antivirus starts scanning the drives, until and unless they are configured NOT to scan on startup or shutdown. This scanning takes up about 10-15 seconds.

The automatic updating can takes about 6-60 seconds of your startup time, and many programs leave files on your system, which starts installing on every shutdown.

Then the third factor is left over files from open and closed programs like MS word, excel, outlook, which leave files which are no longer needed, and are called JUNK files.

The system does not automatically delete these files.

To counter act the above, except the antivirus factor, there are multiple free utilities, mentioned below, which can be downloaded and installed to repair / clean the registries, junk files, control startup / shut down programs.

Please note these utilities are also needed to be configured NOT to automatically start on every startup or shut down:

1. CCLEANER from here:

2. Advance system care from here.

The third basic cause is unnecessary services running on your system. Many of these services are never used by the users and computers. These services may be checked by running the command “services.msc” on the RUN tab.

When you run the command, you will see different services with their description, and you can carefuly review them whether they are required by you or not.

Some services which may be safely disabled (in windows 7) are: Computer Browser, Distributed Link Tracking Client, IKE and AuthIP IP Keying Modules, Offline Files, Remote Registry, Windows Error Reporting.

You can also tweak your shutdown time, by amending the registry as follows:

On the RUN tab in winXP or in win 7 search program and files type:

Regedit, Navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControl.

Locate on the right pane .WaitToKillServiceTimeOut.

Double click on it and change the value to 2000.

Click Ok, and exit registry editor.


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Speed Up Pc, Reduce Shutdown Delay.

You can speed up your computer by reducing the number of startup programs and background services. These are the applications that run while you are using the computer.
Some of these are standby applications that allow its main application to launch faster. If you don’t use such applications on a regular basis, then it is best to just disable these background tasks so that you have more free memory for other applications that you need more.
To disable these background services and startup items, go to Start, then Run (Windows XP) then type in MSCONFIG. This will open the System Configuration Utility. Go to the startup tab and uncheck the programs you don’t need. Go to the services tab, and check Hide All Microsoft Services then uncheck the ones you don’t need.
You can also add more memory to your machine if your motherboard can accommodate more. This will allow the computer to handle more programs lessen loading time since the computer will make less use of the page file.
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Speed Up Pc, Reduce Shutdown Delay.


I am looking for a solution because I have the same problem, I'm glad I find this thread.

Thank you Mani619cash, for the solution.

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