Speaker having an Echoic Sound

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Good day guys!

I have a problem in my speakers.

It has a very weird sound. It sounds like your in a cave because of its echo.

I went to the option but did not see any adjustments for echo in there.

How will I fix this?

Please help me.


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Speaker having an Echoic Sound


Dear Peaks,

Don't worry; your speakers are completely fine. The reason due to which the sound is being produced like this is some changes to the settings might have been done. There won't be any settings by the name of "Echo" by the way.

Please go through these below solutions.

Solution 1: Look for something named like "Loudness". If that is on then kindly turn that off and try if the sound has got alright or not. If no option of loudness is there then go to solution 2.

Solution 2: Look for something named like SRS. If that is on then turn that off and check if the sound has got fine or not. If this doesn't work either then move to solution 3

Solution 3: Go to equalizer and make sure that it is set to either Rock, Pop, Jazz or default. Make sure that the equalizer is not set to "custom" because you never know if by mistake you make wrong adjustments which will not result correctly.

The Echo effect of sound that you are experiencing would be solved definitely after following through these above solutions. Good luck 🙂

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Speaker having an Echoic Sound


Hello Peaks,

That is possibly a problem with the speakers cables.

If they are several speakers, you will need to check and identify the particular ones that are producing that irritating and try to see if you can replace their cables.

If you using the speakers on a computer, make sure that the cable has been connected to the computer well.



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