Folder changed to file in USB

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Hi. i have this prob. one of the folders in my usb was changed into file. therefore, i cannot open the folder as it is in file type. i have tried scanning using various antivirus and unhide all files and folders but did not found any signs of virus attack. my question is, what causes this and how do i recover my folder?


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Folder changed to file in USB


I guess your folder is hidden, u can access it by typing its full path in the explorer address bar. U r infected by a malware and this file should be deleted. your folder is still exists on your usb but with a system file attribute. U can remove this attribute by following the below steps

1.    Open a command terminal

2.    Go to your usb drive

3.    Type in the prompt: attrib –s –h –r *.* /s /d, this removes the system read only and hidden attributes set to all the files, folders and subdirectories.

4.    Open windows explorer and type the usb drive letter "DO NOT double click the drive yet", u should see an autorun.inf file in the root, open it using notepad and check the files written in it. U'll find files with extension .exe, .cmd or .bat, those files run automatically when u double click the drive.

5.    Delete these files and the autorun.inf too

6.    U should do all the previous steps in all your computer drives and DO NOT try with the c: drive

7.    To delete infections in c:, try the following:

a.    Open a command terminal

b.    attrib –s –h –r autorun.inf (remove the file attributes)

c.    attrib –s –h –r <filename>.exe (remove attributes to the malware files mentioned in the autorun.inf), do this step to all the file names mentioned in the autorun.inf

d.    Open the c: drive in windows explorer and delete the autorun.inf file and the other malware files.

e.    Close all windows and restart pc

f.     Right click any drive, if u see the "Open" option in the default option in bold, then your computer is not infected anymore, if u see the "Autoplay" option in the default, then u r still infected.

Hope this may help you.

Best of luck

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Folder changed to file in USB


You may need to use a recovery software. Download a suitable one from the internet and run a scan on the external flash drive. The scan may take long, depending on the amount of data you wish to restore.  When you are saving the recovered file try to save them in a different drive, e.g. if you are recovering from your flash drive, save them in the desktop. 


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Folder changed to file in USB



The usb is corrupt and I would advise for replacement. Also the machine you are using has a malware/virus. Scan the machine first and when free from viruses then scan the usb before you open it. then thing is both the machine and the usb are infected.scan both of them.This will help solve the problem also use a antivirus that first prompt you to scan the usb once you insert it.anti usb guard


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