How to get Best DTR from HDD?

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Dear Expert, we know that SATA Ver.2 HDDs have speed of 3Gb/Per Second, But When we Transfer Data From Partition to another or One HDD to another It Shows 20 to 50 Mbps Speed, But I want to get best speed from My HDD. How it is possible to get Best DTR from HDD?

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How to get Best DTR from HDD?


Here are some steps that you can do to maximize your hard disk’s transfer rate:

  • Clean up your system. Some people are fond of downloading or stocking up their computer’s hard drive with applications and programs that they only used once. If you no longer need them, delete them from your pc. You have to always remember that Microsoft-based computers are prone to slow performance when it detects a clogged up hard drive. Remove your important files and save them on an external hard drive or blank disc and completely re-install your Windows operating system. With your computer completely cleaned up, you will be able to determine the maximum DTR that your hdd can handle.
  • Copying two or more files at once (especially if they contain huge chunk of data) can slow down your DTR. Copy one file at a time.
  • Check your hard drive’s RPM (Rotation per Minute). Standard hard drive should have 7200 RPM and this is very helpful when transferring data. If your hard drive has lower RPM, I suggest you upgrade it.
  • Another factor would be your computer’s RAM (Random Access Memory). Less memory on your system means slow data transfer. Check your system’s RAM and upgrade it if necessary.
  • Lastly, run a full system scan on your pc. Your hdd might be infected with a malware or virus and that can cause slow DTR.

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