Having Trouble with my DVD Writer

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I have a Liteon Lightscribe DVDR/RW Optical Disc Drive that I use to burn my files to a DVD.

I only burn around 3 times a month. It was never abused.

My problem now is, I already wasted like ten DVD's in a row while trying to burn a slideshow of pictures I created.

It failed on me like once or thrice before, but ten is insane.

I know Optical drives are cheap, but I'm hoping there's still a fix for this.

I'm using Nero burning software. Anybody got suggestions?

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Having Trouble with my DVD Writer


We have the same error that I have encountered before. The error here is usually between the interaction of the CD/DVD burning software and the CD/DVD-ROM drive hardware.

There is a slight glitch while the data is being burned into the disc. I don’t know if the problem really is with the hardware or the software it is using. Sometimes you need to let the program to really finish and close the dialog box before opening or ejecting the disc from the drive.

My experience with that is when I burned a back up of my videos in a blank DVD-R. I’ve already burned DVDs in my DVD writer numerous times but that incident really intrigues me. I always make sure that I checked all necessary options for the burning to be perfect.

I checked the Verify recorded data option to make sure that the burned data is exactly the same as the source. I also enabled the buffer underrun protection to ensure that the data is written to the disc without interruption. A slight interruption in the process will cause the disc to be unusable.

After the burning process ended, the dialog box appeared stating that the process completed successfully and is also verified to be correct. But to my surprise, when I browsed the disc Windows cannot recognize the disc. All the gigabytes of video vanished electronically. But that only happened once. It never happened again. I still use the same software as before.

If you are already wasting a few blank DVDs in a row, try changing the program you are using in burning discs.

Uninstall Nero and try using CyberLink DVD Suite which can be downloaded at their website:

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Having Trouble with my DVD Writer


First of all, just because a DVD writer is rarely used, doesn't mean it will last longer. 

Sometimes we get computer peripherals that break easily probably because it was part of a bad batch or due to some other factors beyond our control. 

With that said, let's try to fix your problem.

Try these simple things first:

  1. Instead of trying to burn the same set of files over and over, try a different set of files just to see if the files being burned is not the problem.
  2. Try a different brand of CD/DVD.  It is possible that the blank CD/DVD is the problem.
  3. Try to burn your files to an image file such as ISO or NRG.  then burn that image file to the CD/DVD.
  4. Do a "test burn".  It's usually an option in Nero wherein the drive will behave exactly as it will on an actual burn except perform an actual write on the disc.
  5. If the above suggestions don't help, uninstall Nero and try ImgBurn instead.  It's free, don't worry.

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