Something Wrong with PCI slot.

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I have been facing a video card or display problem with my computer. So, I decided to change settings from BIOS therefore I changed my display to read PCI . Because, I had only modem in PCI slot. But it was AGP. Than, I over clocked my computer in BIOS. The afterward changes really messed up my computer. Now the computer does not turn on at all. But fan and the heat processor are still running. Looking for solution.

Thank you.

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Something Wrong with PCI slot.


Hi Dear,

I also facing the same problem last week but now i resolve this matter there are various reason occur in our mind might be due to this problem this happened I try to change my Monitor, My Video card Even i try to change my computer's Motherboard but my friend ask me not to change the Motherboard of my compute before this I should try to check my system power supply and power cable also so i did change the power cable and power supply it seems very strange for me but after changing the power cable and power supply my video card working properly it means you have power issues so try to change the power supply.

This problem will resolved.

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Something Wrong with PCI slot.

As per your post, seems that you tried to do wrong way. Because AGP card will not support with PCI slot. You need that AGP card which support PCI slot. This is now very old technology. You can find it in a computer shop that has old accessories collection.
Please check below step by step.
1. Please take of you AGP card from Motherboard and then power on your computer. Hope you will hear some beep sound. You here this sound then hope your AGP slot is ok.
2. Please take of RAM from Motherboard, then press power button. Hope you will get another kind of beep here. If so then RAM slot also ok.
So your Motherboard, Processor is OK. I think you need to change your AGP card. Please go to market and buy a new AGP card and install it.
This is Hardware issue. So that not needs to do anything from BIOS. Please don't try to do anything with BIOS.
Best Wishes

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