Solve Buzzing Noise Possibly from Graphics Card

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My CPU is making an irregular and strange noise.  It sounds as if it is buzzing. I have no inkling on what could cause this noise.  However, I think that it is caused by the graphics card.

Can I test this idea by turning off my graphics card and use the integrated GPU? However, I do not want to open the CPU.  What do you think is causing the noise?  What should I do to solve the problem without having to dismantle the case?   

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Solve Buzzing Noise Possibly from Graphics Card


Hello there! The noise you are hearing can be from the hard drive, cpu fan, mobo fan and graphic cards fan. If you do not want to open up your cpu, try updating all your drivers and see if it will remove the noise.

As for the hard disk drive, do an error checking by right clicking your hard disk and selecting Properties. Go to Tools and you will see Error-checking.

Also, you may want to start backing up your files because noise from the hard drive is a symptom of a failing drive. If these do not work, just open it up and clean it well. Good luck!

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