How to install Windows XP

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Can anyone tell me how to install windows XP in my system I cannot install without guidance

please guide me?

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How to install Windows XP


Here's what you do:

  1. First is you need the Windows XP Installer. Before Installing:  Make sure that your computer meets the system requirements of Windows XP. Ensure that you have the Windows XP product key.
  2. Next you have to enter BIOS. To enter BIOS in most cases pressing DEL key will on system startup. Then select on CD-ROM as primary boot device. Insert the Windows XP installation disc and reboot. When prompted to "Press any key to boot from CD", hit on any key.
  3. At the "Welcome to Setup" screen. press ENTER to start Windows XP installation.
  4. Read the Microsoft Software License Terms, when you are done press F8.
  5. Read and follow instructions on the screen and format a partition where you want to install Windows XP.
  6. Follow the instructions throughout and wait until installation is complete.
  7. When the it reboots itself do not press any key this time when prompted with "Press any key to boot from CD", but rather allow the computer to load itself
  8. Next, the setup program will show different information to you about installation. Allow it to install and configure itself onto your system.
  9. You will get a Thank You screen when setup is complete. Click Finish.
  10. Now you can log on to your computer for the first time. Enjoy Windows XP
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How to install Windows XP

  • Installing windows XP is easy. all you need is a bootable cd of windows XP and a cd drive.
  • Insert the disk into the drive and restart your computer. the bootable cd will then ask the user to press any key to continue to setup.
  • Now the windows cd will load all the basic elements required to setup windows on your system. when its done a screen will appear showing all your drives and the free space in them.
  • Choose the drive you want to use as your system drive and press enter.
  • On the next screen format the drive using FAT file system.
  • Then the actual installation will begin and will take almost 30 minutes.

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