Software to open eyes in a picture of a game

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A game, having some faces to format with blinking eyes. My software supports not enough advanced formatting for this game. Which software is used to open eyes in a picture of a game?

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Software to open eyes in a picture of a game


Hi Tracy, You can go to this link for the blinking eyes:

This link will give you step-by-step tutorial on how to edit images. Re-creating human characteristic like blinking eye is a challenge. It is advisable to use Paint Shop Pro. I will just give you some simple technique

1. Use Paint Shop Pro

2. Open your human face graphic and paste it on Paint Shop Pro and be sure that it is open or on(Tools options > palette, standard bar, layer palette and tool palette) and begin preparing your layer palette.

3. Change the name of the first layer to frame 1(name at your choice)right click and duplicate and rename it again and then hide the original frame 1 and begin working with the duplicate.

4. You are now working with the duplicate, click the color dropper in the main tool bar and place it on the human forehead, click to match the color and paintbrush is set to 1 and if you are not satisfied with the result, click retouch tool and adjust the size of brush opacity and density of 50 and step of 25 and click frame 1 to be back to view and save.

5. Open the file in your animation shop using the animation wizard, click animation and the properties and set a desired frame speed of your animations. Now you have a blinking eye animation.

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