Software to monitor the PCs in my office

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Hello everybody,

I have a small company and my employees using the internet for personal purposes during break time, etc., We have informed that if one computer get virus all systems will be infected because of the network. But, they are browsing and then deleting the history and hence I couldn't monitor them. Is there any Software which I can use to monitor the networked systems like parental control. Please advise accordingly. Any advise or help will be highly appreciated!!

Thanks to you guys!

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Software to monitor the PCs in my office


A solution for your problem relies in the software that you are going to use for monitoring your employees. Of course, that solution will come in 5 different ways, depending on your own preference:

1. WebWatcher : this software is very user friendly and thorough with collecting data from your employees, no matter where their whereabouts are. It will record keystrokes and take screenshots, and it will also block websites restricted by you.

2. Ascendant Security's Network Enforcer : it is very similar to the above mentioned, but it has an additional feature, and that is verifying email attachments and other files transmitted and received.

3. Spytech SpyAgent : this one offers computer monitoring solutions that have been implemented in corporate and educational facilities world-wide. It can log anything from what file is being printed, what programs the employee has ran and also the keystrokes typed. All of these will be stamped, for easy viewing, by date.

Why use this type of software? As i mentioned before, they are very thorough in recording for an unlimited amount of time the data that is being exchanged between the employee and the internet.

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