Software does not take installation

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I installed Windows 7 today. After I installed it I updated it in the Internet and I am trying to install some necessary software. But it does not accept installation. I was listening to some music & it stopped abruptly. I thought it is a common factor so, I restarted it and tried to work again but there is still the same problem. I lost my temperament and set again the operating system. Now it has improved slightly.

I installed Avast Internet Security but the same does not open.

Realtek High Definition Audio Software was also installed & it is working but I am having problems with Antivirus. I also tried to install Kaspersky. Does not work.

Now what should I do? Do I format Windows?

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Software does not take installation


Hi Rafael,

There is indeed no need to worry, since this is a VERY common issue when you update your Operating System OR you install a security program.

First, when you allow Windows to update your system, there will be a lot of changes made to your computer and it might cause a lot of issues like browsing errors or other software incompatibility.

Second, if you install a security program, be it an Internet Security Suite or just a stand alone Antivirus, it might cause a conflict with the other security program that you had.

I have IMPORTANT questions to ask.

Before installing the ANTIVIRUS that you mentioned above, did you have any other security program installed in your computer? If YES. Did you remove that security program prior to installing the Kaspersky or the Other Antivirus in your computer? Did you remove it using the Add or Remove Programs/uninstaller that came with the program or did you use a software like a force uninstaller?

Now I am asking these questions because it is very crucial for you, to check your system before installing any kind of software or programs, especially if you are trying to install a Security program. Installing a Security program over a different security program or overriding it will definitely cause a lot of issues IF you were able to install the 2nd security program OR the 2nd security program may not work at all.

Sometimes people think that its OK to install a totally new security program after removing the first security program, since they already uninstalled it using the add/remove programs from Windows or the uninstaller from the vendor. However, it will still LEAVE PATCHES in your machine that will cause a lot of issues. To make sure that the other security program has been removed completely, you need to run your system in SAFE MODE and Uninstall ALL security programs while on safe mode. Usually, you can start safe mode by pressing F8 while your computer restarts. Once all security programs were uninstalled successfully through safe mode, you may try installing the program all over again.

NOTE: It is very important to check the system requirement of the program you are trying to install just to make sure that it is compatible with your system. So if you are trying to install AVAST go to their website and look for minimum/recommended system requirements and compare the data against what you have in your system.

Note: to check your system properties. Click on START. Click on RUN then type in, dxdiag on the run box.

Hope this will work for you and good luck!

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Software does not take installation



You can try to clean your boot sequence:

  1. Go to start menu, select “Run…” and type msconfig. Go to the start tab and remove all selections except those for the Antivirus.
  2. Choose “OK” and go to the services tab. Hide all Microsoft services.
  3. Disable all non-Microsoft services.
  4. Go to “C:Windowsprefetch” and remove all file including the new folder “ReadyBoot” that will be created after files deletion. Don’t delete “layout.ini”.
  5. Go to “C:Windowstemp” and remove all files that you can.
  6. Delete Internet temporary files and navigation history by “Internet Options”
  7. Empty the trash can.
  8. Reboot Windows.
  9. After reboot download the tool “Wise Registry Cleaner Free Portable”
  10. Start a new system scan and repair all the green results.
  11. Reboot the system.
  12. Check if the issue is removed.

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