Snow Leopard updates are malfunctioning

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Hello everyone,

I own a Snow Leopard, which requires an update; namely, the SMC V1.5. I saved it and installed also. During installation there was no problem. When I tried to run it, it showed I had one update left to install. According to it, I downloaded the update and installed it again. After that no updates were left, but in the menu of downloaded updates it was showing something unusual. For example, it was showing the Thunderbolt update 1.3 on the list four times. Is this because of a mistake made by me or is this some other problem with the system itself? Can anyone please help me with this?

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Snow Leopard updates are malfunctioning



Hi Leigh

I was checking and gathering information about your post. There are updates of mac that you may say duplicates but the fact is one update is a pre-requisite of the other update. Basically you will need to repeat the steps in updating the software to complete the update. If the program is working perfectly, there is nothing to worry about. No need to blame yourself or even your computer. Mac is very stable software. Keep me posted if there are any questions or anything that I can do for you.  

For your reference on this post:

You will also find here how to hide updates that you won’t need. Scheduling an update and even using standalone installers from Apple Support Downloads.

Hope you will find this helpful.


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