Slow boot up for Windows Vista

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I don’t know if the problem is (a) compatibility of Vista to my system; (b) problem with my hardware and peripherals; (c) defective windows vista. In any case, I need to fix this problem as I consume a lot of time just waiting for my computer to boot.

I have an HP Core Duo having 2 GB RAM. Vista is Home Premium Edition. Whenever the system needs to start up, it takes up at least minimum 10 minutes before it lands on the desktop.

The sound of the hard drive can be heard meaning it is booting up, but the screen is steadily blank and black. After the extremely long wait for boot-up, the computer works fine.

Everything is OK, opening websites, opening files and even connecting to network drives and files.

I am only concerned with the start up. 

Are there ways to speed up the boot process? 


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Slow boot up for Windows Vista


Hi Brent,

Truth be told there is likely to be numerous causes of your computer's sluggish boot-up. One particular reason will be computer viruses and/or other malicious software such as a worm. It may perhaps simply be the remaining disk space in your Computer. If you've got the money, then you will be more satisfied with a brand new one. However,if the current Computer’s features are of good quality, then you can always replace the operating system and save yourself a small fortune. This is due to a large amount of people actually preferring Windows XP or Windows 7 compared to Windows Vista.

In the meantime, listed below are things you can take a look at and perform to boost the efficiency of your Windows Vista.

Start Up – Because your initial problem is the boot up of vista, the start up programs might be the answer. Any time we log in to Windows, generally there are usually applications that are programmed to function instantaneously as well. If there are several programs running simultaneously, this would certainly result in a sluggish boot up. You may easily keep these software programs from operating at start up considering the fact that they aren't really considered necessary by the system at startup.

To prevent the programs to operate at start up:

  • Click Start
  • Type msconfig in the Search box and press Enter
  • Go to the Startup tab
  •  Uncheck on any Startup Item you don’t want to run immediately upon log on.

Viruses and other Malware – There could be viruses or some other malicious software that is doing some damage on your PC. Worms are known to multiply itself, making hundreds to thousands of copies and sending itself out through your email programs. These malicious programs are known to use huge memory resources and destroy system files. So make sure you have a good antivirus or anti-malware securing your PC. Free ones are good but paid versions are always a lot better, which is why they are paid.

Heat – If your cooling system or cooling fans are not functioning properly that your motherboard may easily heat up. If the temperature is rising in your computer, this could lead to a poor performance much like what you are encountering on your Vista during start up. Replace your cooling system if necessary.

Power Supply – Your power supply unit may be worn out and not be sufficient enough in providing power to all the hardware in your CPU. If this happens, this could also lead to a sluggish performance including a very slow start up. Replace your Power Supply unit if necessary.

Defrag your PC – Defragging your computer arranges the programs according to frequency of use, putting the ones which are always used in front. This helps in quicker loading and reading of programs.

  • Click Start
  • Type “defrag” in the search box and press Enter

Hopefully, your PC is running much faster now.

Good Luck!


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Slow boot up for Windows Vista


Hello Brent,

The specs of your PC are good and is indeed fast, however your hard drive needs a maintenance for faster startup. 

One thing to consider is the Registry. As its name implies, this is where all of your installed programs are registered by Windows. There could be something broken to your registry where it requires a lot of time to access your startup programs. 

You need to download Registry Cleaner programs. Most of these software are available free on the internet. Run these applications to search for registry errors and fix them for you.

Another solution is using the Check Disk Utility that is provided by your operating system. Run this utility so that it will check your Hard Drive integrity and fix all the underlying errors in both data and physical aspects of the Hard drive and your software components.


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Slow boot up for Windows Vista


Limit your startup programs list.

Run some reliable antivirus program.

Run Reginout on your system.

Replace your machine to some cooling space.

Should be helpful. 


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