Computer stop working properly after replacing MOBO

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I had to change my motherboard because the on-board audio and video cards are both not working. It booted up fine after 15 seconds but it went to a blue screen after getting the startup page. It says insert the installation disc to do startup repair.

So I tried startup repair and it didn’t work. Also I system restore didn’t fix it. The last resort I could to is to reinstall the operating system but I want to find out if there are other solutions to this kind of problem.

I’m using windows 7 Starter and the problem started after I replaced my motherboard.

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Computer stop working properly after replacing MOBO


The blue screen error can be arises based on both hardware and software issues and it’s very hard to predict whether any hardware or software is responsible for it.

You can determine and also try to resolve this issue with some options if you are able to start your windows. If common methods didn’t work out for you then you have to settle by using windows action center, which is an important tool for the generation of an error report due to hardware or software problem.

The important thing is that it also check’s and provides the solution if there’s any of the reported problem buy windows. In order to use action center and to check out for a particular solution go to the start button and then click control panel.

In the new pop up window, under the system and the security tab click review your computer status, click maintenance and then under check for solution to problem reports, click check for solutions. You will be notified by the windows if there are any solutions to the reported problem.

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Computer stop working properly after replacing MOBO


Hello James,

You should try to disable the two damaged devices. When you power on your computer enter the BIOS setup (it’s usually by pressing the [CANC] key) and search for integrated peripherals:

Disable all that you can, regarding audio and video and check if Windows become more stable.

When Windows is started, open the “event viewer” typing eventvwr.exe on “RUN” in the start menu.

Select the “system” folder and read for some critical messages.

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Computer stop working properly after replacing MOBO


Good day in this kind of issue you need to under go new installation of Windows system to avoid Blue screen of death, so that your computer will work properly.

The proposed of new installation of Windows system is to register the entered chipset of the motherboard.

If this issue will not resolve there is incompatibility happen in your system hardware.

Thank you, hope its help.



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