Sketchup 8 Error Code 2203 On Install

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Hi to all,

I have a problem regarding my installation of Sketchup 8. My OS is Windows Xp version is 2002 and it is running on Service Pack 3, I'm getting an Error Code 2203 on install of SketchUp 8. Why do I get such message when I try to install? Could it be that I did something wrong or I my copy no good? Please help me anyone. I need a solution badly. I have a deadline to catch up to and I need to finish my work before this weekend.  Thanks alot.

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Sketchup 8 Error Code 2203 On Install


I think  you're on right track, the file "GoogleSketchUp8.msi" appears to be corrupt or damaged. In addition to downloading the installer again you might try rebooting your system, navigating to that path and then deleting that temp folder. Specifically.

1. Reboot computer.
2. Upon reboot, open Windows Explorer and navigate to:

  •  C:Users[username]AppDataLocalTemp

3. Locate and delete the folder or file named "7zS4D03.tmp" and all of its contents
4. Locate your SketchUp Pro 8 installer and right-click
5. Choose "Run as Administrator" so that all files are created properly
6. Complete the installation normally.

If you see this corruption again then I recommend downloading the installer again, possibly to a new location and then run that new installer.

If you've been running the installer from the link rather than saving the file directly then that could definitely lead to a questionable state of the necessary install files and possibly the error you're seeing. Download the file first, then run it.


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Sketchup 8 Error Code 2203 On Install


Hi Celliana,

  • Error Code 2203 is a internal Windows related to Windows Installer which, in turn, is related with "permissions".
  • This happens when your user account does not have full permission to your temp directory.
  • One solution could be repair full-permission of "Appdata".
  • "Appdata" is a folder –hidden–, so if you don't see it you can type it manually into the navigator bar in your browser.
  •  Once in the Appdata folder right click –contextual menu– and select "Properties", then click on the permissions tab and select "Edit Permissions".
  • Make sure that "Full Access" is selected for your PC account (and for your Administrator accounts as well).
  • Click "Apply" and run the install again.
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Sketchup 8 Error Code 2203 On Install


Microsoft Windows XP is supported alright but there is a prerequisite prior to installing SketchUp 8. Before installing any software, make sure it is fully compatible with your computer and all other required software component needs to be installed first before installing the main software. SketchUp 8 supports Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

It requires at least 1 GHz or faster processor, 512 MB RAM for Windows XP or 1 GB RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7, video card with 128 MB video RAM for Windows XP or 256 MB video RAM for Windows Vista and Windows 7 and OpenGL 1.5 support, and 300 MB free hard drive space.

If you are using Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 3 then there should be no problem but just make sure you have already installed Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. But if you don’t have it yet then there’s the problem. Download Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 then install it. After this install SketchUp 8 again and see if it works. SketchUp 8 supports Windows Internet Explorer 7 and higher.

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