Simple introduction into databases elements included

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What is a database? What are records, table and field? What are the two types of database? What are the basic elements of a database? I’ve heard that there’s an old tool in VB 6.0 that can be used to create database? Can you show me how to create database using VisData? In this part, I just want to know brief explanation and simple instructions. Please do not overflow the explanation so it will be easier for me to understand everything.

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Simple introduction into databases elements included


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A database is a collection of data related to a particular subject, which is properly organized. Databases can be created and maintained manually as well as electronically. Its basic elements can be explained as
  • DB schema
  • Schema objects
  • Indexes
  • Tables – collections of fields & record related to a particular instance 
  • Fields – the properties that describe an entity
  • Columns
  • Records – any real world object like a person, thing or place, etc.
  • Rows
  • Keys
  • Relationships
  • Data types
Yes of course, there is an old tool in VB 6.0 that can be used to create database. In order to create a database using VisData, you first have to install the soft ware, open it, assign the fields, rows, keys & other related constrains and then insert the data into the tables crated.

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