Difference Between MS Access MDB and SQL for Mac

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I understand that both MDB and SQL are used to mean database. While MDB is a database file that can be opened by MS Access, SQL (Structured Query Language) is a tool in order to properly community the database file.

With this taken into account, I am just wondering on how to MDB and SQL work each other? In what way are they related? In what way are they different? Which of the better and more effective to use in handling database?

Thank you.

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Difference Between MS Access MDB and SQL for Mac


Hello Tracey,

MS Access is Microsoft's desktop database software. It is meant for home and small business needs, such as tracking monthly expenses, or keeping tabs on your DVD collection.

You can use SQL with an MS Access database file – SQL is not a Microsoft creation. SQL is a language for managing and manipulating data in relational database management systems (RDBMS).

Larger companies and organizations might use Microsoft's SQL Server – which is a component, residing on a company or organization's server, that can be accessed by many individuals in the company.

An MS Access database is not really meant to be accessed by many people all the time – whereas Microsoft SQL Server is a high powered database tool that can handle multiple logins, query requests etc. The data in a Microsoft SQL Server database cannot be encapsulated in just one file like an MS Access database can.

Also, you will other software companies using SQL for their database products – such as Oracle, or IBM – who actually created the SQL language.

It's not really a case of one versus the other, it's more a case of what is the scope of your database needs and how comfortable are you learning how to program and administer a database.

I hope this helps.


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