What are the latest viruses targeting Windows 7?

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I have a single issue that's been vexing me ever since my high school days: Viruses.

These days, I share ownership of a laptop running Windows 7 with my younger sister; as it is, I am responsible for our laptop's security.

That said, I wish to know what the latest viruses targeting Windows 7 are, and how to counter them; that way, I can further improve the security of our laptop.

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What are the latest viruses targeting Windows 7?


Hello Altair 1143,

You know that virus is a threat to any computer. You want to know about the latest viruses which targeting Windows 7. I am telling you about top ten viruses which are given below

1. ILOVEYOU- It is rapidly spreading and spreads via email.

2. Code Red- Targeting Windows servers.

3. Nimda- It is also spreading and widespread viruses.

4. Melissa- It is a word macro virus that spread via email.

5. Sasser- It harms the operating system such as system restarted or crashed.

6. The Morris Internet Worm- It is called the grandfather of the computer worms.

7. Blaster- It attracts the Windows OS.

8. SQL Slammer-It attracts Microsoft’s SQL server.

9. ELK Cloner- It attracts the boot sector.

10. Creeper- It is less harmful to computers.

You can counter deleting the file manually to get rid of them. Because there are new types of viruses which able to hide themselves from many anti-virus software. You can use Anvi Smart Defender for deleting them manually. You can also use different anti-virus software such Avast, Norton, Avira, AVG etc. to improve your protection.

I hope that this Information will help you.



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What are the latest viruses targeting Windows 7?


I am going to give you some latest virus name.


Code Red


Key logger

Auto run. Inf


And the most terrific attack name is Phishing.

To prevent the virus in your computer you have to use the following tool.


Anti spyware


Anti key logger

You have to download any software from trustful site. Before install you can check whether its legitimate or virus through the following site Virustotal

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