Computer Shuts down after pc preventive maintenance

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I just performed a preventive maintenance on my PC. I removed all the dust inside my CPU casing including unplugging of my memory card, HDD and processor w/ heat sink. After I finish performing PM, when I turn on my computer, it would not continue to load with windows. Suddenly during loading the CPU turns off automatically.

After turning it on again after the BIOS screen pops up the CPU turns off automatically again. Also I tried to perform a power cycle by turning off the power in the avr, but when turning on my monitor now goes on standby with no beep sound. Also after several tries again CPU turns on ,but after BIOS screen it automatically turns OFF with no power on CPU.

Step in solving the problem is highly appreciated needed.

Thanks, Chot.


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Computer Shuts down after pc preventive maintenance


Good Day Chot!

Is your PC working properly before you performed a Preventive Maintenance? If YES, then maybe parts of the CPU components are not connected or plug correctly after you perform preventive maintenance. As you said there is no beep sound after turning on your PC.

Now open back your casing, now use a flashlight and locate some capacitors on the motherboard, see if it is busted or blown. If you can't find any, then locate back your processor and double check if you connect the cable and heatsink correctly. Most instances when PC shut downs automatically after loading BIOS or before windows startup with no beep sound has something to do with your processor w/ heatsink and CPU FAN.

Make sure that you correctly placed the processor on correct slot and you have locked it properly. Now recheck if your heatsink it properly connected and locked to the processor. Also be sure your CPU fan is connected to the supply and is working properly.

Recheck if RAM is properly plugged and locked. Turn on your CPU and check if it is now working. If the CPU fan is working and did not cause strange sound I presumed you can now load windows properly again.

Is your PC working properly before you performed a Preventive Maintenance?

 If NOT, make sure you have connected properly the components of your CPU. Check for blown capacitor and burned parts of your motherboard. Also check your processor for misalign pins and if CPU FAN is working. If you can enter the BIOS settings, please load defaults and save the settings then exit.

If can't find burned parts at motherboard best next move is to test a different power supply with same power watts as you have and test it with different RAM on your motherboard.

Warning: Make sure you unplug the power cable before you open the casing of your CPU.

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Computer Shuts down after pc preventive maintenance


Hi Chot,

This problem seems to be more likely caused by a hardware failure.

Here are some of the things you can try to solve this problem:

1. Reopen the CPU – Since you cleaned the inside and if you removed some cables or belts while cleaning, this may not just be properly fastened.

2. Attach cables and/or belts properly – If you have removed some of the cables or belts to be able to clean the inside of the CPU, just make sure you put them back. Loose connection can cause this kind of error or usually the BSoD error.

3. Fasten drives and RAM – Make sure that the hard drive, DVD/CD drive, RAM, and other detachable hardware is securely fastened and locked in place. Loose connections can cause this kind of error or usually the BSoD error.

4. Switch PSU – If you can get another power supply unit, then try to use another one first so we can test if it’s the power that is failing. Since you were dusting out the CPU, some of the dust may have gone to the PSU unnoticed. If this happens, there is a chance that it may have shorted it out.

5. Switch or Remove RAMs – During dusting, you may have unknowingly bumped on the RAM scratching it or knocking it out of place especially if you were using a brush or blowing it with air from your mouth. If you have more than 1 RAM, remove the others and leave one. Test using each if necessary.

6. Switch Graphics Card – Same with the possible thing that happened with the RAM, you may have unintentionally knocked it out of place. And again, if you were using your mouth to blow the dust off, it may be hard to believe but very small amounts of saliva comes out as well, if these get blown into the wrong places, then it will short out these electronic devices.

7. Did you ground yourself? – Before opening the computer tower, a good habit will be to ground yourself first. Grounding yourself removes all the static electricity that has accumulated in your body. If you are statically charged, one touch of the motherboard, RAM, graphics card or even the hard disk will destroy it which is why these computer parts are packaged with anti-static plastic wraps when you buy them.

8. Face a fan to it – Another problem may be heated, the cooling fans may not be doing its job well. A dust may have been caught in it which made it turn slower. Take the side panel off, face a deskfan or electric fan to it and then turn the computer on.

9. Heat Sink – Over time and when dust gets in, the heatsink gets clogged and covered with dust. If this is the case, you may wipe it clean, or reapply some thermal paste. However, too much paste will not help. Just put a little amount and spread evenly using a card or something alike.

10. Check Motherboard – If all of the above solutions still don’t fix the problem, then look at the motherboard and the capacitors on it and check for any signs of decay, leak, or even explosion. Also smell it to find out if it shorted out.

Usually in these kind of computer errors, the Power Supply is the culprit but we cannot just easily rule out the other component that may contribute to the computer abruptly shutting down. If none of the solutions here works, then its better to take it to a repair shop to inspect and fix it.

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Computer Shuts down after pc preventive maintenance


Hi  I read the issue about your computer, to fix this kind of issue.

1. Check and clean your processor by using small paint Brass.


If your Processor is Pen less, please don’t touch the Pin in the motherboard because it causes the damage of the motherboard.

1. Check the CPU Fan and make sure it was in the proper install

2. Check the memory card, if it is dirt just cleans it by using a pencil eraser or any erase that you have. Scratch the pin of the memory card using the eraser.

3. After cleaning the insert the memory card to the Memory RAM.

4. Then start the computer.

If this issue will not resolve just consult to Computer Technician in your place.

Thank you, hope it helps



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Computer Shuts down after pc preventive maintenance


Hello Chot-Admin,

First, you should check that you connected the components in the system unit properly after you finished doing the preventive maintenance. 

Check to see that the RAM is tightly attached in the slot. Check the cabling to ensure that you have not mixed up the cables, for instance the DVD drive cable with the hard disk cable, the fan cable with the processor cable and so forth. 

Ensure that no cable is left hanging when it is crucial for the system to work properly.

Another thing you should do is ensure that when you were blowing off the dust it did not settle in the RAM slot hence preventing the RAM from being read. You could have also touched the sensitive sides of the RAM and thus corrupting it.


Mahesh Babu


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