Should I Shift To Cloud Computing?

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I have a lot of employees across the globe, what I hate about it is that I have to manually set tasks to each one of them, delete the old file and then replace the new one that is sent, and send the same file one by one on every employee.

I heard about cloud computing and learned about the benefits it can do to help with my problems.

However, I know cloud computing is still young and I'm not so sure about how secured it is.

What is your take in cloud computing?

Would we benefit from it or will I just waste my time and money using such technology?

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Should I Shift To Cloud Computing?


For a professional like you, cloud computing would be handy.  Those files you have mentioned needed more attention than you are expecting to.  Think when your job doubled, meaning, receiving and sending those files would took a while and will eat all of your precious time.

Cloud computing is always accessible as long as you have internet connection.  That's it.  Have you heard about Dropbox?  Dropbox is a cloud service, definitely free of charge.  Did you say, waste of time? No.  

Actually to will help you SAVE your time.  Example is you sending the same file to all your employees.  It will cost you hundreds of mouse clicks, blinking and, of course, electricity.  But with the use of cloud services (in this example, Dropbox), you just need to "drop" the file into a folder share it to your employees, and the! Job is done.  

Did I mention that, cloud services automatic updates the files uploaded in the cloud?

 Yes, it can do that.  So let's say you need an employee to modify a file. Once it was saved on his/her computer, it was also saved in yours too.  No more multiple files.  No more duplicates that eats up your space.

That's just some of the benefits of cloud computing.  Of course, there are more of it.

Just a tip, do not place confidential files on the cloud.  Remember, it's a cloud. 


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