How Cloud Affects Corporate Structure

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Does the cloud free the business process and technology from its gate keepers? Realizing how Photoshop or any other legal software has put things on its end user, how can it affect on a corporate structure? Can anyone lend me a hand on this?

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How Cloud Affects Corporate Structure


Hi Alex,

I believe cloud computing is the next step for most businesses and companies right now when it comes to cutting costs that are required a lot of support staff needed for maintaining large volumes of data and the electronic devices that are crucial when it comes to storage of information, processing and even backup.

In a sense I would agree that cloud computing frees the businesses that use it from having to employ the use of gate keeper for instance strong firewalls and antivirus for that is catered for by the company offering the services, but I can also say that they are not completely freed from that role for they have to pay for some maintenance costs and therefore citing their involvement.


Lee Hung

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