Setup VPN connection in Windows XP

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I cannot get a stable network connection when I attempt to setup VPN on my Windows XP computer.  All I can get is a dial-up connection. How can I fix it?

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Setup VPN connection in Windows XP


Hi Kelly.

Let us first consider the things required to set up a VPN:

1) A computer running Windows XP

2) Host name or IP address of a VPN remote access server.

To set up a VPN please follow the steps mentioned below. I am sure they would address your problem.

Go to control panel, select network connections item. A list of existing connections will appear.

Choose "Create new connection" item from the left hand side window as shown above.


In the new window, click Next to begin the procedure.


On the connection type page, choose "Connect to network at my workplace" item as shown above.


The network connection page will appear. Choose "Virtual Private Network Connection" as shown above.Click next.


Enter a name for a new VPN connection. Choose a name that will be easy to recognize the connection.Click next.


On the public network page, use the default option "Automatically dial this initial connection" if you want the vpn to be always initiated when the computer is not connected to the internet.

If you choose "Do not dial the initial connection" then it is required that a public internet connection be established before this VPN connection will be initiated.Click next.

On the Server selection page shown above,enter the name or IP address of the VPN remote server to connect to. This information will be provided to you by the VPN network administrators. Please take special care to enter the VPN name or IP address correctly. Windows xp wizard does not automatically validate server information. Click next.


On the connection availability page, if you select the option "My use only" then this VPN connection will be available only for the currently logged in user. If you want to share this connection with all users on your computer then you must select the option "Anyone's use". Click next.



Click finish to complete the wizard as shown above.

This should fix your problem. If the problem still persists then please contact your VPN service provider.

Hope this helps.


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Setup VPN connection in Windows XP


You need to check the following things to solve your problem.

  • Check the cable you are using to connect try to find some fault on cable.
  • Check you connecter that connect your computer. 
  •  Check the card you are using if you have a modem then you need to check the speed of your modem.
  •  Check the settings of your computer.
  •  Check the service you use and make sure that your service provider is fully providing you service. To solve your problem you can check your service provider instructions and then you can set these in your computer.
  •  Check that you don't need any extra settings to your computer.

Once you have set all of these you will be able to get a stable network.

Michal joran.

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