Setting up a PBX system for a hotel business

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I'm trying to upgrade a small hotel business used to be run in the 1980s. They used to have answering machines for the phones, but I want to upgrade to a virtual phone system. What do I need to set up this system? 

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Setting up a PBX system for a hotel business


Hi there,

I think you are talking about IP-PBX since you want virtual phone systems. The components that you need are three main components, the IP-PBX, phones that will be used with it and the gateway service that lets you call other people on the PSTN.

A computer is needed to run the IP-PBX. You might need a Linux server and it is highly not recommended to not run on your phones. If you have any old PC unused for a while you can use that or any other extra machine that you may have lying around. Once you have that load up [email protected] It will take some time since it formats the whole pc.

You can buy SIP phones from Cisco or SNOM or use an adapter from one Cisco or SNOM and use an analog phone. But it is recommended to get a soft phone since it’s easier to run it on another computer.

To communicate with others on the PSTN network you need to obtain gateway service. Since part of the call is being carried on the circuit switched network, it costs real money. This means you need to pay for this part of the system.

VoipJet is used for outgoing calls and BroadVoice is used for incoming calls. Activation fee for both services costs $9.95 and with costs $5.95 and set up for the IP PBX for $9.95

After all these, you are all set for your iP-PBX system.

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