Blocking Specific website from Computer

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I want to stop using some websites in my office so that I need to block them.

How can i block those particular sites from my computers?

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Blocking Specific website from Computer


Are you by any chance trying to block some websites from your browser only like Internet Explorer? Or are you trying to block those websites directly through your server? If you are trying to block the website from the browser (IE for example) you may do the following:

  1. Open the Internet Explorer
  2. Go to Tools
  3. Click on the Internet Options
  4. Go to Content tab
  5. Select Enable button
  6. Click on Approved Sites
  7. Type in the website addresses you would like to block
  8. Choose Never
  9. Hit OK
  10. Confirm your password
  11. Go to General tab
  12. Select Users Can See Websites That Have No Ratings
  13. Hit OK

If you are trying to block websites from the server you may have to purchase a third – party software however if you are using Windows Operating System, you may configure the settings to have those websites blocked from the server for free. Just go to:

If you need further assistance in blocking those particular websites not only on IE or on the server you may go to:

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Blocking Specific website from Computer


Hi there , 

I think you need help regarding blocking of some websites in your office. 

Don't go for browser specific steps because your workers are intelligent and they will use another browser to use those websites.

Do it in professional way . 

Download Kaspersky Internet security and install it. Make a password protection to it so that your workers cant access the settings of it.

1.In the settings

2. go the anti-banner setup in the Left.

3. Enable anti-banner 

4. In the blocked URLs add as many URLs as you want.

The goodness in using this is . Its not browser specific.

When you blocked a website in this . You  specifically CANNOT access it or its parent sites.

Good luck.

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Blocking Specific website from Computer


This has been troubling me for a while now… and blocking them off of Internet Explorer is not working, so I have downloaded Kaspersky and password protected the websites so they won't be able to access it. Thank you very much for your time in answering this problem for me

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Blocking Specific website from Computer


It is great to know that your issue has been resolved. Let us know any time if you need further assistance regarding other technical matters.

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