Server error: Cannot close file “Service.cnf”.

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Hi guys, I am posting here an issue on Microsoft Office Frontpage, I always encounter an error every time I will close a file, see below the error message.


Server error: Cannot close file “Service.cnf”.


As I look on the error message above, its very simple but annoying in the since that it will pop up every time I will close a file, my first approach to this error is to remove Microsoft Office Frontpage and install again, it did not give any help, I also scanned my computer for some virus, no virus was found, the only thing I did not do is reformat my computer, please share some ideas on this issue, thanks a lot.


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Server error: Cannot close file “Service.cnf”.


Hello Dannyde's

Are you trying to publish or save HTTP server using Microsoft Frontpage?
You may receive error like that because maybe you are already reached the size limit on the Web set by ISP (internet service provider).
You may still save or publish files, but you must remove unnecessary files or old files that you are not using anymore. 
You can also remove unnecessary files on your web locally.
1. Open Microsoft Frontpage
2. In a tool bar, open File menu and then click Open Web
3. You can see Folder Name box, then, type the URL of your Web, and then click Open. 
Example: to open your Web named inmyweb on your server named inmyserver, type http://inmyserver/inmyweb.
4. After that, type your username and password, and then click OK.
5. Locate the log files in your Web, and then delete old log files to free up some space on the server.
I hope I help you about your problem.

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