Attachment large size folders and files in an email

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How number of size the file can be attached in an email. It has seen that the large number of size pictures/files are not attached easily. Is a folder can also be attached in an email? If yes, then how should be the size of folder to attach? 

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Attachment large size folders and files in an email


For your first question, well it depends upon on what kind of email are you using. For Gmail accounts, it is only limited up to 20 megabytes(MB).For yahoomail users it can only send up to 10 MB. And for the other email provider that I haven't mentioned, you can check their website for more information. With regarding to your next question,there are many ways to send a large file in an email:

1) Upload it to a website like Dropbox in a public folder and send them a link. Now if you choose the dropbox,it is important that it is kept confidential by creating an account and give them the username and the password in order for it to be safe from intruders. By the way, the dropbox can hold up to 2GB, so it is very useful for large attachments.

2) On the other hand, you can also use ifile.It can upload up to 1GB but unlike dropbox that can upload up to 2 GB of free space for users. does not make users wait,downloads are resumable and download accelerator are allowed. If you have additional questions about you can refer to the file it.

FAQ for more information.

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Attachment large size folders and files in an email

If you are sending multiple files as attachments in an email, attaching each file is time-consuming and can be confusing if the list is long. You might attach the same file more than one time or you may miss one of the files in your list. Rather than attach each file separately, put the files in a folder and zip the folder to create one compressed file. That will make your email more organized and will reduce the size of your email.
1. Compile a folder full of files you want to email. Make sure that everything in this folder is something you want to send.
2. Right-click on the folder.
3. Choose "Send To" from the context menu and select "Compressed (Zipped) Folder."
4. Windows will create in the same location another folder with the same name as the original folder. However, the new folder will have a zipper on the folder icon and will have a ".zip" extension. This zipped folder will contain all the files for attachment.
5. Log into your email account or start up your software and create a new email.
6. Click on "Attach" or "Attach files," and navigate to where the folder is stored on your computer. Remember to choose the zipped version of the folder.
7. Click "Send." Your email, along with a folder full of files, will be sent. 

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