Send Large Video Files Through Email Without Compressing It?

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I have to share some official videos that are slightly big than the allowed size for videos on Email. Since the files are confidential, I do not want to share them via some other online tools. How do I send large video files through Email? I have ID on both Gmail and Yahoo!

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Send Large Video Files Through Email Without Compressing It?


For Gmail account, follow these steps carefully:

• Open your mail account on your browser Window.

• Click on Compose, and press the ‘+’ button to display the additional icons.

• Now, click on the Google Drive icon.

• Now, select the video files that you want to share/send.

• Click on Upload.

• After the file has got uploaded, click on Insert on the Compose mail Window to attach the file with the Email.

• Finally, click on Send.

For Yahoo account, refer to the steps below:

• In this, first you should have an account on Dropbox. If not, create one.

• After creating the desired account, navigate to the video you want to send and click on Move to Dropbox label below it.

• Now, sign in to your Yahoo account and click on Compose.

• Click on the down arrow beside the attachment clip, and choose Share from Dropbox

• Click on OK, sign into Dropbox and Link it to the Yahoo account.

• Select the video file from your Dropbox collection that you want to share, and then click on Choose.

• Next, click on the Send button in the Yahoo Compose dialog box.

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Send Large Video Files Through Email Without Compressing It?


If you need to send videos with big sizes via email, you might have a problem with the size when attaching the files to the email. The restriction on the size of the attachment depends on the email service you are using.

If you are using Gmail, the maximum size for an attachment is 25 MB and this 25 MB limit only works on Gmail and may not apply to other email service. Most of the mail servers are configured not to accept attachments bigger than 10 MB. So, if you are using other mail service and not Gmail, you may accidentally bump into this 10 MB limit attachment.

On the other hand, if you have a Gmail account, here’s an update on the 25 MB attachment limit. In November 27, 2012, Google announced on their blog that users will now be able to send attachments as big as 10 GB. This is with the help of Google Drive which they launched back in April 2012.

So, if you need to send an attachment bigger than 25 MB, upload that file to your Google Drive then send it as an attachment via Gmail. To allow you to attach videos with big file sizes on your email, upload your videos to your Google Drive or in Google Drive, create a new folder then upload the videos to that folder.

Now, when composing your message in Gmail, click on the Google Drive icon to attach your files from your Google Drive. Now, when attaching your files, select the folder where you uploaded the videos instead of selecting individual files then click “Insert” to attach the folder. Gmail will check if your recipient has access to your files.

When it detected the file is not shared with your recipient, it will prompt you to change the files’ sharing settings.

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