Security warning error verifying the files

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I just installed a new program on my PC and this error stops me to use it. Is for the first time that this kind of error appears. I have disabled my Firewall and Antivirus before open the program and is not working. Can anyone help me please to fix this error ?

Thanks !

Security Warning

The publisher cannot be verified by a trusted source.

Code will be treated as unsigned.

Name: ProgramStarter

ValidatorException: PKIX path validation failed: Wrong key usage

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Security warning error verifying the files



Java is known to be a buggy language for its vulnerability of having security flaws. Due to this reason, Oracle has added security shield that works a great.

The JRE that’s installed in your system also works with the shield enabled. The JAR file you’re trying to execute isn’t signed digitally that is trusted. So, the shield is popping up this screen to discourage you of using the program.

If you know where the program came with, you can run the program only if you trust the source. If not, you should terminate the process.

Also, downloading the latest JRE is suggested. Download Java Runtime Environment.

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