Schedule An Alarm Clock On My Computer

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Hi. I have just bought a new laptop with Windows7 installed. I have been exploring it ever since. The other day, I was wondering if my laptop has the feature of an alarm clock. I even tried searching for it but couldn’t find and activate it. So, can you help me to find an alarm clock on my computer?

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Schedule An Alarm Clock On My Computer


Hi. In Windows-7, there is a built-in feature called task scheduler which can be used to schedule a task such as set up an alarm clock on my computer for you which wakes you up the next morning or whenever you want. The steps are as follows-

1) Click on the combination of windows key +R simultaneously, then type in taskschd.msc and click on Enter to launch the task scheduler.

2) Left click on task scheduler library and then click on Action. Create a new folder and name it as my tasks. Then, click on OK

3) My tasks (left-click) , then click on Action and open the task wizard by clicking on create basic task

4) Enter the name of the task that you wish to create(Alarm clock in this case) and click on next

5) You can also give the time when you wish to run the task under trigger and click on next.

6) Under the action section, you can specify the application or feature that you wish to run and even browse it from its location, and click on next.

7) After you are done scheduling an alarm clock with the date and time specified, you can click on Finish.

8) You are going to be given time within which your task will get launched. After that time elapses, your task will successfully get launched in my tasks and start working.

It will wake you up the next morning if that is what you asked for! Hope we helped.

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