Scanner Unreachable need scanner restoring system

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Hi experts,

A long time passed since I was not scanning anything with my printer and today I wanted to scan some documents this error message appears unexpectedly on my desktop. I did everything that error said without any result. Can anyone help me to fix this error? How can I restore my scanner?


Scanner Unreachable

Scanner communication cannot be established. Ensure your product is powered on, check the connection, and ensure your network is functioning properly. If these conditions are correct, restart the product and try scanning again.

you installed this printer by IP address, then you might need to update the IP address. Use the Update IP Address item in the Start menu entry for this printer.

if you are running firewall software, it may be blocking scan communication. Please visit for help configuring your firewall.


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Scanner Unreachable need scanner restoring system


If you haven’t used your scanner for quite a while then there must be something wrong with its cable that connects to your computer. Most of the problems I found regarding printer and scanner having the exact same problem were mostly related to the USB cable that connects between the scanner/printer and the computer.

If this is what happened to you then it is possible that your scanner’s cable is already damaged. It can easily be fixed and you don’t have to purchase a new scanner just to solve the issue. You simply need to purchase a new USB cable for your scanner so it can connect again to your computer. But before you purchase a new one, make sure to do some simple troubleshooting to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the scanner.

Make sure your scanner is plugged in the AC outlet and it is turned on and you see the LED light activated. Detach both ends of the USB cable that connects to your computer. After that, connect the other end of the cable to your scanner first and then next the other end to your computer. Start the application for the scanner and see if it detects the device or not.

If not, transfer the cable to a different USB port and then try again. If nothing happens and you already exhausted all the USB ports in the computer then the cable is really damaged. Just purchase a new cable and it should be back to normal.

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