SBR2 error that keeps bugging every time run SRB2

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Hello friends.

I got this SBR2 error that keeps bugging me every time I run SRB2.exe as an installation. Does this mean that there’s supposed to be a SBR1? It comes with an exe file named SRB2Src.exe that appears to be a winrar file but I didn’t run it. Any ideas why this is happening?

Thank you in advance.

SRB2 error 
signal_handler(): segment violation
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SBR2 error that keeps bugging every time run SRB2


Hi Clay,

I did some research on this game and found out that this error is common with this game since the game has not been finished so there are many bugs.

This error could happen because of distorted maps and incorrectly coded Sonic Object Configuration, room inside a level has a height considerably larger than 4096 fracunits. 

This game is a fan made from the original SRB game.

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