Save same bookmark in Firefox and Google chrome

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I work many hours on the internet (Internet Explorer) and recently, I set up Firefox and Google Chrome but I forgot to choose bookmark option (that would make my bookmarks in Internet Explorer be transferred to Firefox and Google Chrome) and I cannot do it manually because it’s more than 100 bookmarks.

So please anyone tell me have I to reinstall Firefox and Google Chrome again? Is there another way?

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Save same bookmark in Firefox and Google chrome

Hello Zavannah,
Based on my understanding and research, you are trying to bookmark your older browser which is Internet Explorer and to have same bookmark as well on both new browsers which are Firefox and Google Chrome? 
Here's my solution:
You don't need to reinstall just to fix your problem. If you do, that won't help and won't make any change. As I know, you want those bookmarks to be the same with the new ones you have installed and you just need to do the shortcut methods which are import/export button located from each browser. 
So I am trying to answer this specific question which is Internet bookmarks in Google Chrome and Firefox? If I am right, here's my helpful solution and hope it can help a lot.
By the way, if you notice some of the toolbars in the screenshot are different from your browser, either Vista or Windows XP. You don't need to be confused. I gave you a little screenshot to make it more useful anyway.
file-import and export-export wizard window console
Internet Explorer for Google Chrome:
– In your Google browser click the wrench icon or option button.
– Select bookmarks.
– Select Import bookmarks and settings.
– Select favorites or any options that you want to import.
– Select Internet Explorer from Import option and make sure you checked all the list you need.
export favorites source folder-export to a file or address-select bookmark file
Internet Explorer to Firefox:
Just do the same thing as above. Still I want to share some screenshots and I have done this manually while solving it.
– On Firefox browser.
– Click tab Bookmarks -> Organize Bookmarks.
– Click Import and Backup -> Import HTML.
– Click Microsoft Internet Explorer -> Next -> Finish.
library-organize bookmark-import and backup-import HTML-import wizard


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Save same bookmark in Firefox and Google chrome


Hi Zavannah!

There is no need for reinstalling browsers. Just import your bookmarks to your Firefox or Google Chrome.

1. Click Bookmarks.
2. Click Show All Bookmarks.
3. Library window will open. Click Import and Backup.
4. Click Import HTML.
5. An import Wizard box opens. Select Microsoft Internet Explorer.
6. Click Next.
7. Click Finish.
8. Your bookmarks are now on the right side of your library window. You can change "From Internet Explorer" by typing your desired folder name above Description.
9. Just click anywhere on the Library window to Save.
10. Close Library window.
11. Click Bookmarks. At the bottom, you will see the folder in your bookmarks. Drag it to the bookmarks toolbar.
**Make sure to put a check on your Bookmarks from View >> Toolbars >> Bookmarks.
**Sometimes you may not see the Menu Bar, where you can see File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools and Help. Instead,
You'll see Firefox dropdown.
1. Click Firefox dropdown menu.
2. Hover your mouse over Bookmarks.
3. Click Show all bookmarks.
4. Follow the same step above (#3 – #11).
Google Chrome:
1. Click the wrench icon.
2. Go to Bookmarks and click Always show bookmarks bar.
3. Click Import bookmarks now on your bookmarks bar. If it is not available, click the wrench icon >> Bookmarks >> Import Bookmarks and Settings.
4. Import Bookmarks and Settings window will open. Choose Microsoft Internet Explorer from the drop down list. Select items to import.
5. Click Import button.
6. After successfully importing, select Always show the bookmarks bar and then click OK.
This should transfer your bookmarks from one browser to the other. Hope this helps.
facebook-bookmark-show all bookmark
library-import and backup-import HTML
import wizard-microsoft internet explorer-next
import wizard-finish
library-from internet explorer
from internet explorer-my bookmarks
library-my bookmarks
bookmark-my bookmarks-folders
facebook-my bookmark-folders options
always show bookmark bar-import bookmarks now-MS IE-favorite bookmarks-import-always show bookmark bar-ok


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