Samsung Galaxy s2 dropped in Water-Notifications Freezes

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My Samsung Galaxy s2 dropped in water 3 hours ago. It did not stay long before I could remove it and wiped the excess water and turned it on. For the first few 2 hours it just worked fine. Now I have realized that I can’t swipe down the notification bar at the top! I can’t read my incoming texts, I can’t turn on the wifi . Is there a possibility to override this? Might it mean that some water had remained inside the Samsung galaxy S2? I have heard before that this phone is waterproof, if this is true what might be the problem because I dread the idea of losing my phone. Is there a possibility of saving my phone from completely dyeing off? Please help

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Samsung Galaxy s2 dropped in Water-Notifications Freezes


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  • First of all switch off the phone as soon as possible.

  • Try doing a phone clean up by yourself.

    • Take some distilled water, baking soda mixture (or some surgical spirit), gently scrub the board with a soft tooth brush & clean it. Also clean the LCD connector & flex cable. Then, let it dry well. 

  • If this has no good results, the phone might be wanting a new LCD or the connector on the board has  got a corrosion on it. So go to a local repair store for a replace or a simple fix.

​Further, your phone is not at all waterproof, it is only water resistant up to some extent.

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