Sample template for downloadable on dreamweaver

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Hi, can I have a sample template for downloadable on dreamweaver? I want to add my music mixes on my portfolio site. Can you show me how to add a download button or capability like the one in major music sites like Soundcloud without me having to use a third-party site?

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Sample template for downloadable on dreamweaver


There are many websites where you can download dreamweaver templates. Some are:,,

A download button unlike a download link, has an image in the place of the text where it can be clicked.
take the following steps to create a download button and add it to your Dreamweaver template of your website.

Start by choosing the file you want it to be downloaded using your button.

Make sure you have the link location of your file online. It will be easier if the link is on a different website. You will have to right-click on that link and select "copy link location". If the file is not in another website, you will have to upload the file yourself to your server. Uploading files to your server is the same as uploading HTML pages. After uploading the file, you have to retrieve the location of the file where the file is hosted. It is just like previewing a webpage.

Creating the Button

  •   This is the HTML code for a button.

<form><input type="button" value="Button Text" onClick="window.location.href='Download Link'"></form>

    Use the button code to add text on the button and also show the location of the file after someone must have clicked the button.

  • You can modify your button by changing the following parts of the code.

   Change the text that you want it to show on the button instead of "Button Text."

Change "Download Link" with the full online link to the file you want it to be downloaded, with prefixes such as "[http://" http://"] and file extensions such as .mp3 (for mp3 audio files) or .zip (for compressed zip files), depending on the filetype being downloaded.

  • Copy all the code for the button when done with the modifications and paste it inside the HTML of the webpage where you want it to show.

Try your download button by going to the webpage where it is located and click on it. Your browser should either automatically save or open the file or ask you to choose a location on your pc to save the file after it must has been downloaded.

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Sample template for downloadable on dreamweaver


In creating downloadable buttons this sample code will help you:

<form><input type="button" value="Download" onClick="window.location.href='/from/app.exe'"></form>

Or you can do this way also:

<a href="myfile.docx">Download/ or File Name</a>

Just put  the link of your downloadable file in on-click field   or replace it with an online link or any file extension such as mp3, mp4, zip or rar or any file you want to be a downloadable in your site. Feel free to edit this code and place this code anywhere in your website. 



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