Running Damaged divx file using DivX++

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divx file in my system got damaged, how do i run the damaged divx file using DivX++ software?


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Running Damaged divx file using DivX++


Hello, here goes the solution:

1. After installing, you will see options to choose your output directory, log file or source file.

2. Check boxes to keep original files intact.

3. Cut out bad results and keep the log.

4. You can also choose your language.

5. For AVI file simply not moving free, then the index file is corrected by stripping the index.

6. "Strip Index" is almost immediate.

7. Try opening your files now.

8. Move to the good parts.

9. Through auto-magical features, corrupted video files can also be repaired.

Caringal Cheong

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Running Damaged divx file using DivX++


If you suspect that your DivX file is somewhat corrupted or damaged, there is still a way of fixing the damaged part. When playing a broken DivX file, it may exhibit either sudden freezing of the image but the sound is still playing, or a portion of the image has distorted or disoriented blocks of pixels. To fix this problem, you may use DivXRepair. This application cuts off the bad parts of the AVI file and then reconstructs the file. The bad parts are the freezing frames and the un-decodable frames and these are the parts the program takes off.

The DivXRepair is based on VirtualDub [version 1.4.2.x] – mp3 – VBR. You can download the latest version from DivXRepair – The latest version is DivXRepair 1.0.1.

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Running Damaged divx file using DivX++


Hi buddies, take my love and best regards. I lost my conscience by seeing this problem. Both of your comments caught my mind. Caringal Cheong, your step by step procedure was easy and reliable. Sharath, your comment was also excellent, for fixing my problem I have chosen your remedy because you are providing a great and reliable website where I can download DivXRepair the latest version 1.0.1, which application reconstructs the file by cutting off the bad parts of the AVI file. In the abstraction of your comment I only can say, well done Sharath, now I am free from all care and anxieties.

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