Run time error – 81 . 339. Failed to expand

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When I am trying to download anything it show me an error message which says that ‘run time error – 81 . 339. Failed to expand shell folder constant of the user due to internal error. Please help me to figure out this problem.

Thanks in advance.

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Run time error – 81 . 339. Failed to expand


There are ways to Solve your Problem.

Here are the Steps you should consider to eliminate the run time error – 81 . 339.

1. Try to reset your browser to default on settings and try to proceed with downloading. If not working go to Step 2.

2. It's possible that the error is related to your Download Application Software. Try to Reinstall your Download Software.
   The next time you go to install a program, right click on it, and click on "Run As administrator." Note: This may take time-
   consuming to fix the problem but no assurance it won't appear again. See if that helps.If not proceed to Step 3.

3. Run or get a smart anti-virus program which you preferred most, to protect your computer from any malicious program   which might lurk into your system and cause this problem without your awareness. If still not working, proceed to Step 4.

4. In addition, update any broken or outdated device driver as well as repair windows vulnerabilities by windows updates. If   still persist, we need now to identify the root cause of the error. Most of the runtime error 339 is caused by;

 – invalid registry entry
 – missing Java Files
 – corrupted Active X Objects
 – broken windows registry

   Do take note that registry is sensitive values and keys for Software Application to work. It's advisable to run or install
   Registry Cleaner on your Laptop or Computer. It will ensure the integrity and command lines Windows reference running   smoothly and seamless in your program launch.

Hope this fix the Error Problem.

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