Right click of mouse is not working

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The right click of my mouse is not working. My friend is the last one to use my personal computer at home. I did not take it as a joke when he told me that he'll play along with my PC and I have to resolve the issue myself. I guess I am challenged so I tried to check the mouse settings, however, all are in place.

Bad timing, I was so lazy enough to search this on the internet. Rather, I just want to wait for someone who will provide me the answer and then I'll try if this will resolve my issue. I have asked another friend and gave me an idea that it can be in the registry edit, but I do not want to touch it unless I was sure on what to do. Kindly help.

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Right click of mouse is not working


Hello Emily Hayden,

Having a problem of your mouse is not that easy if your not familiar with the shortcut keys. But good thing is, only the right-click have the problem. It is really difficult if also the left click is not working. My friend also encountered that problem, the problem is her mouse is not working. So she needs to know all the shortcut keys to fix her problem.

She just tried to check the device manager to update the driver and scan computer using shortcut keys. By using right click in keyboard, just press (Shift + F10). I have here some solutions and you can try any of the following solutions given. I hope that with these solutions will resolve your problem.

Solution 1:

Do the same way as my friends did to her problem. Check your Mouse Driver, uninstall and reinstall the driver. Follow these steps:

A: Press Windows key and on My Computer press (Shift + F10) to select Manage.

B: Use Down arrow key to select Device Manager.

C: Press Tab key once to jump on the devices.

D: Select Mice and other pointing devices.

E: On the Mice and other pointing devices, hold (Shift + right arrow key) to select your mouse driver.

F: Press (Shift + F10) on your mouse driver to select Uninstall.

G: Then Press (Alt + A key) to open the Action tab and select update driver.

Wait for a seconds while updating the driver. When it's done, close the dialog box by pressing (Alt + F4).

Solution 2:

You haven't try to run your computer into Safe Mode, right? If not, you are going to run the computer into Safe Mode to restore the computer into the day that computer mouse clicks are both working good. System Restore will helps you to go back the day when you haven't face any problem, but unfortunately it will delete the newest files you have saved.

Follow these steps:

Run the computer into Safe mode.

A: Restart your computer and keep pressing F8 key during the loading startup.

B: Under the Windows Advanced Option select Safe Mode and hit Enter. Then on the startup, the Desktop dialog box will opens.

C: Select NO button, so you can proceed to System Restore.

D: Select "Restore my computer to an earlier time" radio button.

E: Click Next button.

F: In the calendar choose the day before when computer is working in a good condition and click Next button, then your computer will automatically restart.

Solution 3:

Check the settings under the Customize Start Menu to Enable dragging and dropping. Follow these steps:

A: Press the Windows key and press (shift + F10) to select Properties.

B: On the Start Menu tab, press Tab key to select Customize then hit Enter.

C: Click the Advanced tab then check the Enable dragging and dropping check box under the Start menu items.

D: Click OK, then click Apply and OK under Task and Start Menu Properties.

Solution 4:

Is to scan your computer using your updated anti-virus. Virus can infect your drivers, it can change the settings automatically, and it will slow your Internet connection.

Follow these steps:

A: Before you proceed to scan your computer, better to update it first.

B: When updating is done, let's proceed now to scan your computer.

C: Scan the whole computer, and wait until the scanning is done.

D: When it's done, look for the Scan Results. If there's a programs/applications that infected by virus, better to remove it. To avoid affecting the other programs.

It is better to update your anti-virus regularly and scan your computer for at least 2-3 times a week. So you can feel free from the viruses.

I also suggest you to try other mouse to your computer. If the right-click is working, your mouse is already broken. You have no choice, better to replaced the old own.

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Right click of mouse is not working


Hi Emily Hayden,

This may help to your problem. First you should plug out your mouse to your computer. Then use screw driver to screw out the screws. Check the right click of your mouse and clean the dirt and check if there is a broken part. Then put all together the parts of the mouse. Plug the mouse and check if it is working.


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