What are the different types of mouse?

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Hi friend,

I am planning to buy a mouse for my laptop. I want to know more about mouse type. What are different kind of mouse available in the market and where can I buy it? Thanks.

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What are the different types of mouse?


Dear Emma,

There are three types of mouse available. They are serial port, PS/2 port and USB port mouse. For your laptop you can buy a USB port optical mouse. Because latest laptop don't have any serial & PS/2 port. But all laptop have USB port. You can buy a USB port optical mouse near any computer related shop besides you.


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What are the different types of mouse?


Computer Mouse, Types And Characteristics

Computer mouse is a very important part of the computer as without it it’s impossible to imagine computer’s work. It is an integral part of every computer and is irreplaceable at the work on the computer. So, if you want to know more about the computer mouse, here is the information that will be useful for you. 
Computer mouse has come a long way of the creation before its appearance in 1964. This input device is used to indicate the chosen object and work with it. The mouse is necessary for convenient and efficient work and play. Today it is used not only to hover but to control almost all the aspects of the computer operations. 
There are 4 types of computer mice: 
– Mechanical; 
– Optic; 
– Laser; 
– Trackball- mouse. 
Mechanical mouse – the traditional ball model is relatively large, which require constant cleaning in order to be effective. Dirt and small particles may be between the rotating ball and the housing, and will need to be cleaned with the use of a cotton cloth and a special solution. 
Optic mouse, however, works differently because it has a rotating ball. It uses a light-emitting diode (LED) and a sensor (as opposed to ball-model) that provides a high level of the device. Trackball mouse – a kind of device, which uses a convex ball (trackball), which reduces hand movement (in part one finger). However, this kind is less common now.
As to regard to the connection, then the mouse can be: 
– Wired mouse; 
– Wireless mouse. 
Wired mice use a special wireless receiver, which have a connection to the computer. They are ideal for the laptops. There are two types of technologies: using Bluetooth (with a working distance of 10 to 20 meters) and RF (radio frequency) use and operate at a distance of 6 to 10 meters). Orientation of arms must be symmetrical or individually, but preferably symmetrical. 
Wired mouse are connected via an electronic cable with a USB or PS / 2 pin, while wireless require AA or AAA batteries. Bluetooth mouse is similar with most of its counterparts, but unlike them, it uses Bluetooth technology, and therefore does not take up valuable USB-ports. 
Other characteristic, which needs special attention, is the buttons and scroll wheel. Many mice have two buttons and scroll wheel in the middle, some, however, did not have it. There is a mouse designed specifically for gaming purposes, which are also available as wireless, wired, and Bluetooth. Logitech, Microsoft, Kensington – just some names of companies that produce computer mouse.
Now you know more about the types and the characteristics of the mouse and their similarities and their differences, so you will be able to choose just that mouse, which you need for your work or for entertainment.
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What are the different types of mouse?


My dear Emma Robinson,

Thank you for raising that question. With regards to your question about the different types of mouse, actually there are three types of mouse and this are the following:

1. Mechanical Mouse

2. Optical Mechanical Mouse

3. Optical mouse

Just use any of those type mouse that you are comfortable of using.


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What are the different types of mouse?


You can choose one that is given below for your laptop:

The different types of mouses:
1. Zone Touch Mouse T400

2. Touch Mouse T620

3. Gaming Mouse G300

4. G600 MMO Gaming Mouse
5. Wireless Mouse M325

6. Mouse M125
7. V470 Cordless Laser Mouse for Bluetooth
8. Optical Gaming Mouse G400
9. Wireless Gaming Mouse G700

You can buy these types of mouse near any computer related shop.

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