Returning to the default Linux system

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Hello everyone, I have a LG super multi NAS which has a standard warranty with it. It comes with a Hitachi deckstar pair with 1TB of hard drive. I tried to install Microsoft Windows 7 on it, so I removed the previous drivers and formatted the hard drive.

It installed without any issue, but I somehow managed to format the drives using the Linux based file system. I managed to install windows 7 on it, but it’s doesn’t run correctly.  I want to install the default firmware back on it. That is a Linux operating system, but when I tried this I get an error: 


LG NAS Installation Wizard
Unable to set up LG NAS. Please upgrade firmware for LG NAS.
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Returning to the default Linux system


In Linux its very different compare to Windows to go to default position:

You can fiddle expose in

etc/bashrc or


 Records for all users. By defaulting most Linux set it to

0022 (022) or 0002 (002).

Lawless /etc/profile or ~/.bashrc line, Hit Enter:

Check these two methods:

1.      # vi ~ /etc. profile (OR)

2.      $ vi ~/.bashrc  (amend subsequent stroke to arrangement a fresh umask)

Umask 022

Keep and lock the file. Change will get result behind after login. All UNIX users can supersede the system umask original (default) in their /etc/profile file, ~/.profile {Korn / Bourne shell} ~/.cshrc file (C shells), ~/.bash_profile (Bash shell) or ~/.login file

(Clear the user's setting at login

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Returning to the default Linux system


There are instances that Operating Systems can be corrupted and if that happen the user will need to do some reinstallation. What is going to be a headache is when the user decided to reinstall his previous Operating System prior to the one he tried to install but was not able to use successfully.

If you are using the N2A2 Linux-based Operating System, your driver should be formatted using ext3 to install the Windows system. However, once you rebuild the NAS and reinstall the original firmware then the bug regarding LG NAS installation wizard might ruin your day. That is when you will start getting the error message “Unable to set up LG NAS.

Please upgrade firmware for LG NAS.” In this case, you will have to get a customized version of the LG NAS detector that will let you install the firmware successfully. Unfortunately, this software may not be available in public yet so you’ll have to contact LG directly for a copy.

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Returning to the default Linux system


Hey Omoyo… great post! Things are done. no errors anymore on the installation…. Got all the procedures and I guess I made them right on track,,.

Thank you…

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