Retrieve data from my burned hard drive.

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I am Adame.  I have a hard disk that has some important data and I want to retrieve it. The whole hard drive is working, but the problem is in the circuit board.  I have searched the market but I can't find the same circuit board. Is there any other solution to retrieve the data?

If anyone knows about it please tell me. I will be very thankful to you.



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Retrieve data from my burned hard drive.


You must place this Hard Drive in another computer as Slave (Jumper is on Slave), and check whether it will be detected in BIOS or not?

Hard Drive contains three important things that enable it to work.

  • First is Media (Medium), it is also called platters that revolves by an electric motor. Data is stored in these platters by forming sectors.
  • Second is Read / Write Heads (Lens) that produced Laser Beam to Read / Write Data on Platters.
  • Third is Circuit. It enables the Hard Drive to be Detected in computer. All information, Bios and Version of Hard Drive is lied in it.

To retrieve data from the Faulty Hard Drive is possible but it is so expansive. Data can be recovered / retrieved if only and only Platters will revolve. Platters are bound to Circuit to revolve.

Find the same Circuit from anywhere and resolve this problem. It is time consuming but it is necessary.

Another way is to bring out the Media (Platters) from the hard drive coating, it is so expansive. Platters that contains Important Data are placed in same hard drive coating whose circuit is working. it is very sensitive and risky work.

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