How to fix flash drive errors?

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Hi friends,

I am having a lot of problems with my flash drive. I don’t know if it is a problem of my flash drive or my system. I cannot copy files from that flash drive to my hard disk drives. But files can be copied into that flash drive. It’s a very embarrassing situation for me. Moreover, it is not being formatted in my PC while I am trying to format it. This is a new flash drive.

I bought it just few weeks ago. So, probably the problem is not in the flash drive (I am not sure). Sometimes the files on the flash are not showing properly. And some files are not being deleted while I am trying to delete them. Furthermore, the red led of the flash drive is flashing without downloading/uploading when.

As far I know it flashes when something uploading or downloading from the flash drive. I use Avast anti virus. I have not been updating it for several months. Is it a viral effect? But my anti virus has not found any viruses when I scan the flash drive. What should I do now? Will anybody please help me to solve this unexpected problem? I use Windows XP sp3.

Thank you very much.

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How to fix flash drive errors?


Solution 1: Click on  my computer and place the cursor on removal drive and click the right button. Click on the properties and select the tool. It will check and scan for  run error and fix it automatically . The corrupted files will be inactive automatically. I hope your problem will be solved.

Solution 2: Format your flash drive. If you can’t format then change the file system FAT32 to NFTS. After formatting eject your drive by choosing “Safely remove hardware” option. Then restart your computer and place you drive again. I hope it will be solved.

Solution 3: If you can’t format the flash drive in your computer then you will have to format you r drive in windows vista. Remember when you start formatting must change file system FAT32 to NFTS.

Solution 4:  Sometimes it is caused by missing windows files or sometimes your computer infected.

                     Try to run scandisk.exe command for a E drive.

                     Scan disk.exe (right click/properties/tools/check now).

                     Check both tabs and click ok and wait for a while until it's finish. Hope so it will work.

Solution 5:  Plug your flash drive into another port. Go to control panel from start menu. Then select Hardware and sound and then device manager. Click on the arrow and select Expand the universal series Bus controls sub menu. All  corrupted device will display by yellow exclamation mark. Right click the flash drive and choose update driver software and install the latest drivers for your flash drive. Then Run Microsoft’s fix it tools to help diagnose and solve common USB problem. Then right click the device manager and click on uninstall. Restart your computer and keep it 30 min with unplugged condition and allow windows to automatically reinstall the drives. Then use your drive safely. It may solve your problem.

Solution 6: You are using windows XP service pack3. You can install an operating system like windows 7 or windows vista. If you like to use windows XP then install the service pack 2. It may solve your problem.

Solution 7:  You can use some software which recovers all error of flash drive. You can use iCare Data Recovery software. Download and install it solve your flash drive error.

Solution 8: You can use ErrorSafe 1.0 to recover all error of your computer and flash drive.

Solution 9: If you can’t overcome the problem by above method then surely your computer or flash drive infected by a strong virus. You should use a strong antivirus with license key and full scan your computer and flash drive. You can use Kaspersky internet security. I hope your problem will be solved.

Solution 10: If you can’t rid off from this problem you should go to shop where you purchased the flash drive, if warranty is available.

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How to fix flash drive errors?


Hi friend!

Let's think logically

We do not need any computer skills for this. Just a thing about this suggestion, before, you start trying all of these steps, and solutions and steps and solutions.

You can do this simple thing. Take your USB flash drive, go to the internet club (or to your friend or grandmother). Use your flash on their PC.

CONCLUSION: If your flash works on their PC, that means the problem is in your PC. AND YOU CAN START DOING ALL STEPS IN POST ABOVE. IF YOUR FLASH HAVE MALFUNCTION ON THEIR PCS TOO, THAT MEANS THAT PROBLEM IS IN YOUR FLASH. So, you take your flash, go to the store where you bought it, and go to the nearby restaurant and drink coffee while they (store supporter) are working on your problem. You see HERE IS COFFEE REPLACED WITH ALL STEPS FROM POST ABOVE.

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