Resume Exercise By Fixing Horizon T101 Treadmill E1 Error

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I am not able to record my speed on the treadmill due to a horizon t101 treadmill e1 error. I am very fond of exercising and maintain a record book of many kilometers I jogged in how much time. Please help me to solve the error.

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Resume Exercise By Fixing Horizon T101 Treadmill E1 Error


First of all, I would like to tell that E1 is a very wide error code. Hence, we must know the point (what the person was doing on the machine) when this code occurs. E1 error code simply conveys that the console isn’t getting a response from the Speed Sensor.

  • If this error occurs after the belt moves for a long time, then the belt requires lubrication. It is very important to maintain since the motor will pull too much current and heat up and then will suffer a safety shut down.
  • If after lubricating, you experience the error again, then the belt may have glazed. This means that the belt can no longer absorb lubrication because of the pores on the underside of the belt. In this case, you might have to replace the motor and motor control board.
  • If the treadmill stops soon after starting, then either the speed sensor needs replacement or calibration.

You must stop the treadmill immediately after seeing this error as it can cost you long time damage.

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Resume Exercise By Fixing Horizon T101 Treadmill E1 Error


According to, an “E1” error code in a treadmill is a very broad code. This means the error can be triggered by many different reasons. When your treadmill triggers this error code, it is important to know when the problem happened and what you are doing when the error is triggered.

The “E1” error code basically means the console is not getting any reading from the speed sensor or the reed switch. If the running belt moves for several minutes and then throws the “E1” error code, this probably means the running belt needs lubrication. The motor control board will turn off automatically when the motor is pulling too much current triggering the safety shut down.

It is important to keep a proper lubrication schedule for your treadmill. The frequency of the lubrication varies depending on the model. Refer to your owner’s manual. When lubricating, make sure to use a 100% silicone non-aerosol treadmill lubricant and apply about 1 ounce.

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