Restarting PC after uninstalling software

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Is it possible to bypass the restart process after successfully uninstalling certain software from almost 100 servers? If yes, how?

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Restarting PC after uninstalling software


Hi Tricia,

It may not be best to bypass the restart process after uninstalling or reinstalling software and hardware on a computer or server. Those restart are important because only then the changes can be implemented.

But you can bypass the restart by changing and amending the registry. To do that, try to amend and check the 3 entries below:

·         go to Start > Run > Type regedit > go to > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SYSTEM > CURRENTCONTROLSET > CONTROL > SESSION MANAGER > PENDINGFILERENAMEOPERATIONS. Set Requires Restart – Anything. Set Doesn’t require restart – blank;


·         HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > SOFTWARE > MICROSOFT > UPDATES > UPDATEEXEVOLATILE:FLAGS. Set Requires restart – anything. Set Doesn’t requirerestart = 0(zero).


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Restarting PC after uninstalling software



Restarting the system after a successful software installation is really important so that the changes the installation made to your computer will be implemented and started after rebooting it. But there are times restarting the machine is really not an option because of so many programs running and you can’t stop what you are doing. Besides following the steps described above which I’m sure will affect the whole system since it modifies the registry, here is one that I’m sure is the best method of bypassing the required system restart after an installation.

  • Make sure first that the software’s installation is actually finished. If the dialog box asks whether to restart your machine now or later, select later.
  • Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC to activate the Windows Task Manager.
  • In Processes tab, find “explorer.exe” or simply press E until it shows and selects the file.
  • Next, click End Process then select Yes. Make sure that “explorer.exe” is really selected and not a different file. You will notice that something will happen to your desktop and this is fine.
  • Still in the Windows Task Manager, click File then New Task (Run). Type without double quotes “explorer.exe” and then hit Enter.

And you’re done. Your system has now been refreshed as if you already have restarted it.

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Restarting PC after uninstalling software


Aristono Martin and Sharath Reddy thanks for your eligible comments. I have remarked to Sharath, since I have not seen anyone who has penetrated so clearly before. By going through your comment I have enriched my knowledge why I need to do this task, which tips were not known to me prior. Your step by step process was really the best one, which was proved by applying this process on my PC now. My system unit is running smoothly now without any error that pop up. Thanks Sharath, for your cooperating to refresh my system and Techyv too for revealing this superb post.

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