Resolve Live Mail Error Id 0x800ccc0f To Restart The Computer Work.

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Errors in the computer can harm it. They might slow down the PC or make it unresponsive. This can certainly affect our work or stop it. Describe aboutthe live mail error id 0x800ccc0f and the ways to resolve it.

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Resolve Live Mail Error Id 0x800ccc0f To Restart The Computer Work.


How To Fix Windows Live Mail Error ID 0x800CCC0F


  • It crashes the active program.
  • The computer crashes when the same program is executed.
  • The mail error is displayed.
  • The operating system slows down.
  • The PC freezes for some time. It occurs at the time of:
  • Program installation.
  • When a program related to Microsoft Corporation is being executed.
  • Restart or shutdown.  Installation of Windows Operating System.


  • Incomplete installation of Windows Live mail software.
  • Corrupted Windows registry.
  • Any virus or malware would have entered and caused harm to the computer.
  • Any other program deleted the file related to Windows Live-Mail.


  • Try to repair the registry entries related to the error.
  • Carry out a Malware scan using any of the anti-virus software.
  • Go to clean manager and remove all the unused/temporary directories and documents.
  • Upgrade the device drivers.
  • Open Windows System Restore to undo the recent changes.
  • Reinstall the Windows Live Mail Program.
  • Open command prompt and type ‘sfc/scannow’. You will be redirected to the Windows System File Checker. It will start the scan.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Update your operating system.
  • Carry out the Clean Installation of Windows.

The error can occur in the following OS:

–>Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, ME, 2000.

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Resolve Live Mail Error Id 0x800ccc0f To Restart The Computer Work.


You may receive error code “0x800ccc0f” when sending or receiving an email message using Microsoft Office Outlook. The first thing you should do when you encounter this error is make sure your internet connection is working. Open a web browser and visit a website. If your internet is not working, troubleshoot your connection. If your computer is connected to a router, try resetting the router.

Turn off the router and unplug it from the power for about 10 to 20 seconds then plug it back in and turn it on. If that doesn’t work, disconnect the network cable at the back of your CPU then connect it back to the network port. If you continue to have internet connectivity problems, contact your ISP.

Once your connection is fixed, make sure your email account settings in Office Outlook are correct. Check if your password is correct. Also, check if the incoming and outgoing addresses are correct as well as their respective port numbers and security protocols used. If you have suspicious email messages on your inbox, try deleting them.

If your antivirus has an email-scanning feature, try checking its settings to make sure it is not blocking the ports used in Office Outlook.

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