Reinstalling MAC OS X Without Losing My Settings

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I need to remove and reinstall MAC OS X due to an ongoing issue but I'm afraid I will lose all of my settings. Is there any tips or techniques I can use to preserve as much as possible either before or after removal? Any tips are appreciated. Thank you.

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Reinstalling MAC OS X Without Losing My Settings

  1. Make sure your pc is off
  2. Insert the installation disc for your Mac OS X into your pc
  3. Switch the pc on and hold down the C button on your keyboard while the pc is restarting, until you see the Mac OS X installation utility on the screen
  4. Click the language of your choice from the list and then click the Continue button
  5. On the Welcome screen, click Continue
  6. From the Select a Destination screen, click on the drive you want to install the OS onto
  7. Click Options
  8. Click on the Archive and Install option and make sure you check the Preserve Users and Network Settings option
  9. Click OK
  10. Click on Continue on the Select a Destination screen
  11. Click Install

Another way is by locating the following:

~/Library/Preferences/ as this contains your Terminal Settings. 

You can also export your settings entry in Terminal by going to Shell, Export Settings, or by locating the cog button that is situated below the list in Terminal Preferences, Settings and then choosing Export.

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